Binary Charm is live! And on a palindrome day!

Our first project is in advanced state of development and will be announced soon.

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Games and tech - work in progress!

Our first game is almost complete and is going to be announced soon, as hinted by the mysterious artwork in the Games section.
Meanwhile, we are going to publish some Unity assets spawned from its development. The first one has just been submitted for review and will hopefully be available soon on the Unity Asset Store.

TextMeshPro Alpha released!
Introducing Nightingale and INarEn

Big day!

We present both our first game, Nightingale, and our first major technology project: INarEn, the Interactive Narrative Engine.

Nightingale is an interactive short story, and is powered by INarEn presentation and navigation. It’s going to be available on Steam on July 27th.

Nightingale is out now!

We just “pushed the button” to release Nightingale on Steam!
Looking forward to user feedback!
The game soundtrack will be published on August, 10th.

Text Color Buttons released!
"Nightingale" becomes "Shadows on the Vatican: Nightingale"

We renamed our game from Nightingale to Shadows on the Vatican: Nightingale following a request by Inflexion Games. They are going to publish another game named Nightingale, and they had previously registered a trademark for the title.

This change makes the connection to the Shadows on the Vatican franchise a little more explicit, and hopefully will also encourage players of the series to also play our text-based spin-off: while SotV: Nightingale remains enjoyable on its own, it’s highly recommended that, when playing the SotV point and click games, one plays Nightingale after Act 2 and before the upcoming Act 3.

"Semantic Color Palette" released!

Our system for semantic color management in Unity has just been released on the Unity Asset Store.
Learn more and try the WebGL demo!

Now developing "Particular Reality"!

Have your VR headset ready for our next game, “Particular Reality”! You can watch some prototype gameplay clips on its website, and follow the development subscribing to the DevLog.


Shadows on the Vatican: Nightingale is an interactive short story in videogame form. It’s the first project powered by INarEn technology.

Particular Reality is designed to address two intrinsic limitations of VR: the physical boundaries of the play area and the lack of haptic feedback. The project is in its early development stages.


[Unity] TextMeshPro Alpha

A Unity asset to easily implement different kinds of alpha fading on TextMeshPro texts. It only uses TextMeshPro native features, with no custom shaders and no masking.

INarEn (as in Interactive Narrative Engine) is an ambitious, long term project aiming to provide innovative tools and software components to enhance the design, development and presentation of narrative in videogames and other media.

[Unity] Text Color Buttons

A Unity asset to extend the default buttons (only handling color transitions for the button graphics) with an additional color set, used on the text labels.

[Unity] Semantic Color Palette

An extensible and practical semantic color management system for Unity.


Binary Charm Ltd was founded in 2020 by Dario Scarpa, relentless bit-flipper, as a step in his constant pursuit of a perfect balance between technology and creativity.

The company operates on two fronts:

  • free-lance consulting, mostly in the field of XR for the industry
  • independent development of videogames and related technology

On this site you will mostly find information about the latter.


For press enquiries, check our press kit.

Contact us by e-mail at . We try to reply to every message as soon as we can, if you don’t hear back in a couple of days your e-mail might have been flagged as spam.

If you prefer, you can send us a private message by:

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